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    The NFL is back being NOT Gay

    I called it, when I said the social engineering experiment known as Michael Sam would not play a single down of REAL football. And he won’t.

    The Rams drafted Sam late in the seventh round of the NFL draft in May, the first publicity stunt. The former SEC defensive player of the year at Missouri was pick No. 249 out of 256. The Rams rightfully cut Sam, whereby the Cowboys picked him up.

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    University of Pennsylvania Economist: The Rich Are Best Off Paying Tax Rate of…

    A pair of economists are making the case that the top federal income tax rate gas verb far too low for far too long.

    The current top tax rate is nearly 40 percent, a figure that University of Bonn professor Fabian Kindermann and Dirk Krueger, of the University of Pennsylvania, are claiming should be more than doubled.

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  • The Real Racists

    The Democrats are desperate. Just this weekend a confidential memo from one of Obama’s pollsters (leaked to The New York Times) declared that there could be “crushing Democratic losses across the country” if African American voters do not come out in large force for the midterm elections. So what do Democrats do? They immediately begin resorting the most vile and despicable race-baiting tactics in an attempt to invoke scaring memories of racial animus to drive black voters to the polls.

    A new flier from Georgia Democrats warns voters that, “You must vote in November… to prevent another Ferguson.” And in North Carolina, a pro-Hagan flier had a picture of a white crowd lynching black man with the words “Kay Hagan Doesn’t WIN! Obama’s IMPEACHMENT Will Begin! Vote in 2014.”

    Republicans cannot allow such tactics to stand. They must demand that Democrats denounce such tactics in every interview they do (similar to the way Republicans had to denounce the gaffes of Todd Akin in 2012).

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  • Eight Trends to Watch for on the November Ballot That Have Nothing to Do With Congress

    While the question of whether Democrats or Republicans will be in control of the Senate is the midterm elections question that’s received the most attention, ballots across the country have high-stakes initiatives that could have ramification reaching beyond individual states.

    Legalized marijuana, minimum wage increases, personhood for the unborn, Second Amendment issues, hunting, prison reform, taxes and health care are all on the ballot in different parts of the country.

    The National Taxpayers Union is closely following state ballot issues related to the minimum wage and tax proposals.

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  • Poll: Ebola Poses Risks for Democrats’ Political Ambitions

    The Ebola crisis could play a role in determining which party wins control over the House and Senate after the November midterms, according to a new poll by POLITICO.

    The poll, which tested public opinion among 840 likely voters in key battleground districts across the United States, had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points and was conducted October 3 through 11, wrapping up just as the second Ebola patient, nurse Nina Pham, tested positive.

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  • Lebanese Immigrant, Escondido, CA Mayor: Obama Has “Failed” Immigrants of This Country

    Ingraham was joined by Escondido Mayor Sam Abed to discuss his city’s fight against the ACLU, which is trying to force the city into opening a shelter for illegal minors from Central America. Mayor Abed, who himself is a legal immigrant from Lebanon, expressed his disappointment with the Democrat’s open-borders policies, which have amounted to a full-on assault on American citizens and legal immigrants already here who are struggling to fulfill the American dream. Abed also accused the ACLU of violating the civil rights of his constituents, who are resoundingly opposed to housing the illegal migrants. Interview Excerpts: [You can listen to Laura's full interview under the 'Freebies']

    Abed on the Obama Administration’s refusal to secure the border: “This is a disappointment to our country. I am a very proud immigrant to this country from Lebanon. I have been proud to be sworn in to protect the Constitution of our city and our great country, and I will not waiver on my pledge to our great country. [...] We have a strong city here, we have a faith-based community…. All I want is to protect the same values that made America so great.”

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  • New Report on Michael Brown Case Offers Three Explosive Revelations

    The publishing of Michael Brown’s official autopsy report, as well as a St. Louis Post-Dispatch source’s description of officer Darren Wilson’s account of events, offered new revelations to the already controversial Ferguson case Tuesday night.

    An unidentified source told the Post-Dispatch that Wilson testified to investigators 18-year-old Brown struggled for his firearm before eventually charging at him.

    Two experts not directly involved with the case added to the newspaper that the official autopsy appears to support Wilson’s claim that a struggle did take place before the fatal shooting.

    Further, a toxicology report revealed that Brown tested positive for marijuana.

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  • Democrats Send Ferguson-Themed Pamphlets to Black Georgia Voters

    Democrats in Georgia are turning to the controversy in Ferguson, Missouri to bring out the vote for Senate Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn on election day.

    A reader sent to the Atlanta Journal Constitution early voter turnout mailers dealing with the fatal shooting of Ferguson teen Michael Brown and the conflict that has arisen from it. The flyer states, “If we want a better, safer future for our children, it’s up to us to vote for change. The choices may not always be perfect, but the cost of inaction is simply too great.”

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  • Why liberal ‘freedom’ isn’t freedom at all

    Dr. Savage explained why the liberal idea of “freedom” is actually deeply flawed, but nevertheless seductive and insidious:

    “They confuse you into thinking that if you can have sex with anybody you want at any time, you’re free. But the truth is, they’ve enslaved you with this free sex,” Savage said. “In all other spheres, you have almost no freedom. You are a complete and total drone who is constantly spied upon” (Free audio).

    Pointing to the Catholic Church’s pro-amnesty stance, especially in the United Sates, Savage said that churches and other places of worship that “step over the boundaries of religion and start practicing politics” should “either lose their tax-exempt status or they should get back to their preaching and not their teaching” (Free audio).

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  • Obama: Bottom Line Voter ID Laws Do Not Stop ‘Our Folks’ from Voting

    During an interview with Al Sharpton on his “Keeping It Real,” radio show President Barack Obama said voter ID laws do not stop African-Americans from voting which is in stark contraindication to the many cases being pursued by his Justice Department that argue regularly many of the laws are a veiled attempt to diminish African-American turnout. Obama said, “Keep in mind most of these laws are not preventing the the overwelimgly majority of folks who don’t vote from voting. Most people do have and ID. Most people do have a drivers license. Most people can get to the polls.” “But the bottom line is, if less then half of our folks vote, these laws aren’t preventing the other half from not voting,” he added. Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN …read more

    Source:: Breitbart.com

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